Show Off Your Dream - Cindy Chen

Remember this? We've got these images from Cindy ( of Cindy Chen Photography ) long time ago, and finally we are posting here.  For those who are new to the blog, please visit the earlier posting how to design a full bleed cover when there is not enough width in image. When Cindy contacted us if she could design the cover with one image that her client chose as a full bleed, we absolutely loved the idea and started work on the image together. And when the album came out, by the way it is 9x9 40p Dream Album, we LOVED it even more!

She added, "I am absolutely IN LOVE with dream albums and my clients are too. Once they see the dream album, they have to have one!  As a photographer, I love the versatility of the custom designed cover.  It truly makes each and every album a unique and treasured work of art for my clients.  The album itself is outstanding… high quality and very well made.   Thank you for making my dream album… literally! "

Her client must have LOVED it, too! We are thrilled to see the wonderful work of art presented in a very special way in Dream Album... Thanks so much for the images and great work, Cindy. 


Show Off Your Dream - Marci Lambert

What a beautiful boudoir book!  - we just received the images from Marci (of ). They are 6x6 20p mini dream album and she had them in Milk and Black core color. Depend on the color of images, you can choose core colors to match the total look. We are in LOVE!

She said, "These are the first of the Dream Albums I've ordered and I hope there will be many, many more. I made two albums for my boudoir clients and they flipped over them. They couldn't believe how beautiful they are. I agree, especially with the wraparound covers. And I liked the ability to use either black or white cores, depending on the images. Thanks so much!"

We are very excited to show off our amazing dream photographers' creative work. It is so inspiring! Thanks Marci for the images. We just sent a special thank you gift coupon for you!



Show Off Your Dream - Lisa Woods

Look these great product images from Lisa (of now and then photography ). When we received the images from her, we thought the CD with this great looking branding and Dream Box made a perfect digital package.   

She said, "I just got my 2 5x7 dream box's in today.  I immediately headed out the door into the field behind my house to grab a few shots of these bad boys!  I adore them!  Thanks for a great product!"
These are the coolest bad boys... Lisa. Thanks so much for sharing. 

Side note: we receive great product shots for "show off your dream" with water marks, but we can not post images with watermarks here. please make sure to send us images in 1000px width (either collaged or individual shots /  with NO watermark ) with your story to ensure your images to be posted, and thus you will receive our special thanks credit!!! We LOVE to hear from you.



Show Off Your Dream - Andrea Halsey

We've been meaning to post these exciting SHOW OFF YOUR DREAM images from Andrea (of Andrea Halsey Photography). She custom designed the covers of all three dream albums in 12x12, 9x9, and 6x6!

She added, "The Dream Albums have become my album arsenal in my product lineup. Each time I put them on display or show them off at consultations, everyone's heart just melts away. When I had my 6x6 album, I sold one to every client, when I was showing my 9x9, I was selling that to every client... and now that I have a 12x12 album, even lower-budgeting clients determine to find a way to have one for themselves. I can claim that my Dream Albums have thrust me into a whole new world of album selling, increasing my profits, and making my clients thrilled." 

Above is one of her 9x9, 30 page (our the most popular item)  Bridal Album - it's beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing Andrea! We just sent you a special thanks credit for your show off images.

YES! We do reward for SHOW OFF YOUR DREAM images when it is posted on our blog. Don't forget to send us in your product shots!


And our holiday schedule is out today. Please check out


for detailed information. 



Show Off Your Dream - Lora Carr

We are in LOVE~ when we saw the images Lora (of Lora Carr Photography took of her beautiful 12x12 Dream Album.) The colors are so bright, the design is simple and live, her work is stunning! We would call it as  "A PERFECT MATCH!" 

She said, "I finally had the opportunity to photograph my 12 x 12 dream album.  It is gorgeous! It sits on an acrylic coffee table in my studio's sales area and clients cannot keep their hands off of it. It really is a piece of art that families will treasure for generations to come."  And we thought it was so true.  Thanks Lora! Will send you the gift credit right now~ 
Again, we are SO CLOSE to have 15% off sale as promised! It is in any minute, we just need TWO MORE twitter followers. - well, I have been waiting this moment for a while- Let's get rolling. Don't forget, it is for 48 hours!!! 


Show Off Your Dream - Teryn Glenn

We've got so many show off your dream product shots - and this is the very recent one from Teryn (of Teryn Glenn Photography, LLC).  She ordered two sets of dream box and mats (both in 5x7 size). 

She says, "what I love so much about these boxes is that everyone loves them, and they can be used for any client.  The two boxes I have displayed are from a newborn session and an engagement session.  Once a client holds one, they will want one.  They are just too beautiful not to own.

I also really likes using these for engagement sessions because it gives the client a beautiful display for their engagement images instead of an album; since their wedding images will most likely be displayed in an album.  One of my clients saw the dream box and said, "Does this company make wedding albums too?"  I will be ordering some sample Dream Wedding Albums shortly and displaying them in my studio as a new line!  Thanks for a wonderful product." 

We will send you the special thank you credit to you Teryn. Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!

Yes, we do appreciate your dream product images. Please send them in to get a special gift credit ($25 when your image is posted on our blog)! When you do, make sure the image is at least 1000 px wide with NO watermark.


Show Off Your Dream - Evelyn Savage

By the way, the images in Bridge screen shot in previous post was Evelyn's (of evelyn laws photography) beautiful 9x9 dream album. Her style is clean, lifestyle and goes so well with our product! look~

She sent in this beautiful collage of product shots and we LOVED it. Thanks so much Evelyn!

Send in your product shots, we will give you $25 gift credit for your next purchase at Dream Album Co. We love to show it off to all our members.


BATCH rename files: how to

Recently we had received many similar questions about how to name the image files for your dream albums. As we talked about in HOW TO PREPARE images section, the images must be arranged and named the way you would want them to appear in the book. It is very important to know all our books starts from the LEFT side. - so if you want certain pages to be side by side or there are some pages for spread designs, please make sure those files are named accordingly.

We thought Adobe Bridge's BATCH RENAME function is pretty nice. Please refer to the screen capture for easy instruction. 

1. arrange the files in the way you want them to appear in the book within Bridge thumbnail window.
3. choose the correct setting as listed below:
     (it is recommended to use UNDERSCORE instead of hyphen or space within the file name. and two digit             numbers are better than one) 


Last chance to register before the New Year!

Thank you so much for registering with The Dream Album. We are very excited to work with you and will do our best to earn your trust and satisfaction. 

As it gets close to the holiday, the number of orders we are getting increases dramatically. For us to serve all our existing members better throughout the busiest time of the year, we will take new registrations until 9/15/2009. We will then temporarily close registration until Next Year. This will allow us to concentrate on serving our existing members, adding more product line as well as upgrading our ordering system before we greet more new members.

Our current clients will continue to receive excellent service and care.  There is NO need to re-register at all if you are existing members. 

New member registration will open as soon as January 11, 2010 as we resume regular business hour for the new year.  Please stop by often for progress updates. Also, feel free to sign up for our waiting list so we can send you the registration form as soon as it is available.

Thanks again for all your interest and support.

Dream Album Team 


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These are perfect match with your Dream Mats (8x10). They are off white with little bit of distressed finish. Sturdy and smooth standing on any surface for best display. More importantly, this beauty is FREE for you when you place order of $400 or more, starting Saturday 8/23/2009 at NOON (ET) and available while supply lasts. It is perfect timing to order YOUR DREAM MATS for coming holiday season display. 

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[Easel Dimension]
Width (11") height(12") width between the two decorative handles which will support the displayed item (5"). will fit any item up to 1 1/4" in thickness. 



*the easel is best with 8x10 mats. not designed for dream albums or 5x7 mats
*dream mats must be stored on flat surface (the first 3-4 weeks of delivery) as directed in Caring Dream Product.
*Dream Album Co. is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damage occurred to albums, mats, boxes or furniture by using this product.
*easel is NOT sold separately. all stand alone easel purchase will be cancelled.