Holiday Schedule 2

Please mark your calendar for these important dates.


<album orders>

Today, Dec 4th is the last day of Dream album holiday delivery guaranteed.

If you place the order bet 12/5~12/8, it may come or may not come... by holiday.

We will do our BEST to make it, but it is NOT guaranteed.


<box orders>

Dec 8, Monday is the last day of Dream BOX holiday delivery guaranteed.


Our order page and how to page is updated with box order information. Please ask me any question if you have~


<general shipping schedule>


Our last day of shipping is 12/20 this year.

If your album is made (complete production) on 12/19 and after, you will receive if in January, becuase there will be no shipping bet 12/22/08~1/2/09.

And we will resume our normal shipping schedule again 1/5/09.


Our production will NOT be closed the whole time (except 12/25-26, 1/1-2), please feel free to place orders. Your album orders received bet 12/8~12/18  will be ready to ship on 1/5


Dream Box 5x7 | new product

Thanks for waiting!!!! We've been BUSY working on our newest product to add to your price list NOW !!!!

Nice features of this beautiful Dream Box 5x7 is as follows:

    1 1/2" thick to fit about 80 proofs or 20 matted images comfortably
    beautiful image cover (same quality as dream album)
    magnetic closure (it does not open when you place on the shelf like a book!, NICE!!!)
    silk tape for easy lift contents
    CD button to hold CD or DVD (free option)
    Milk or Black inner color available
    2 weeks lead time (It means 10 business days) + shipping time

and we will keep adding more features!

$60 + $10 shipping everywhere in the US

For holiday order: US BY DEC 8, sorry this year for those in abroad

This featured Dream Box was made with Sandi Bradshaw's image and design from
Thanks Sandi!

For more information, please contact


Holiday Schedule

DAC holiday cut off date

Please place your album order by December 4th 11:59:59pm
to get your album delievered to you by December 22-23.

Our last shipment of the year 2008 will go out on Dec. 20th.
All shipment will be BY USPS PRIORITY.- they DO deliver on Saturday at no extra cost!
NO SHIPMENT will be out from Dec 22 - Jan 2, 2009.

We DO receive all non holiday order and consult by e mail will be available all times even during the holidays.


Cover design instruction

There will be a full page of FAQ for how to's for dream album. But for now, this screen capture will answer many of your questions regarding how to use guide lines within the cover templates. This applies to all cover templates that you downloaded. Some of you may have old versions with no CREASE line guides.

CREASE guide line is important when you want the image smaller than the full cover size, just like this example. There is a crease line in both front and back that helps albums to open and close smoothly.

For the image to sit in the center of the ACTUAL HARD COVER- it will look naturally more centered, follow the cross guide lines in the front and back area.

When you use the full bleed image cover, then it is not so important. But try not to place anything that is important like line design, someone's eye or hair line... on top ot any guide line here. Guide lines are imaginary which may not match 100% with the places where actual folding or crease occurs.

And of course, if you have any question, please e mail us at

This beautiful album was Chicago Children's Photographer Andrea Brogle's.


new color: silver core

This is one of newborn session album. Used 5x7 images uploaded with border option# 1, 30 page 9"x9 book. It weighs about 4lb, simple and clean look with very sleek square line. Simply beautiful!!!!


Below is our newest color SILVER core.

Actually each page is set on MILK core and coated with mat finish silver. It looks so nice with colorful images like this.
Another session album made of 30 5x7 bordered images in 9x9 size.


stop dreaming... my friend!

Something really exciting, completely new and better is coming...

very very soon...

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