14x11 spread design sample

14 by 11 Dream Album gives a huge impact when it is shown open wide. To help your design process when working with the guide lines, we added below sample screen shots of spread layout in Photoshop. Many photographer asked how our cutting lines and center guide lines work.

It is always safe to think 0.25" all the way around will be cut out when the book is made. To prevent any unexpected misplacement or white strip shown around the edge of the spread, it is highly recommended to fill the whole area with images or left as white space around guide lines. As all guide lines are approximate (it is close, but not 100% exact), having enough GAP (at least 0.25") between the guide line and any design elements, such as straight line or border along the guide line, edge of the block of images, text, face features, and etc. are important.

Please note that all files must be PRINT READY when the order is placed. Once the files are processed, the files will be printed as they are. If anything is in question, please send us a screen shot of the spread (with the guide on, WEB sized please) by email. We are happy to assist you with files BEFORE you place the order.

The images were provided by Ethan Yang Photography. The album is designed by our custom design team. Please feel free to contact info@thedreamalbum.com for your custom design work inquiry. 

COVER design - below