Test Prints

We encourage all new customers to send in test prints, to ensure they are matched to our lab standards for color Customers can send in 5 individual 5x7 prints, to be printed and shipped for $25.

To order test prints, simply select the "Test Prints" catalog and place an order for 5 individual 5x7 prints.


File types and Color Profiles


  1. All images must be JPG format
  2. All images must be in sRGB Color Space. The easiest way to ensure this is to attach the sRGB color profile to your image. Any image without an embedded profile is assumed to be in sRGB color space.
  3. File names must not contain any punctuation other than a single hyphen, a single underscore, or the .jpg. Files containing punctuation may result in a corrupted file.
  4. Any image that is not in the proper file type or color profile is subject to a $10.00 conversion fee.
  5. Images should be 300dpi for bordered prints and 200dpi for full bleed layout designs.



Order Policies

ALL ORDERS ARE FINAL ONCE SUBMITTED. Files should be uploaded ready to print. We do not accept changes to any orders in progress, for any reason. No order may be expedited after the order has been submitted. You cannot upgrade your shipping once an order is submitted. Please ensure your order is completed as desired before you send it in.

When Ordering in ROES - Only one catalog type per order is allowed. If you try to combine multiple catalogs in one order, ROES will clear the previous catalog.

Promotional Codes must be added to the order, in the note field, before submitting the order.


Shipping Address

All orders will be sent to your address you have registered when you become dream album member. It is photographer's responsibility to update any changes in the permanent address. PAYPAL address or shipping address typed during the ordering process will NOT be used. Shipping address update can be made by EMAIL REQUEST only. No exception. 


Shipping Options

All Shipping Options are Final. We do not allow shipping changes to an order in progress, for any reason. Please ensure your order is completed as desired before you send it in.

Standard Shipping is UPS ground. Packages shipped with Standard Shipping should arrive anywhere in the US in about 1-6 business days.

Shipping Upgrades by UPS are available to purchase at the time of place the order.

Next Day Air - Actual shipping costs apply.

2nd Day Air – Actual shipping costs apply.

All orders will be shipped to the shipping address saved in our system when registered, unless Drop Ship is requested. Paypal shipping address will not act as it is not our shipping system.

Orders cannot be combined to avoid the shipping fee.


Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping is available for an additional $10.00 fee, above the product price and Standard Shipping Costs. Once or ROES system is active, this service will be provided at no additional cost.

Drop Shipped packages will not include an invoice, unless otherwise requested.


International Shipping

Orders shipped outside of the United States are not eligible for Standard Shipping or upgrade. Please contact the lab for more details. Unless otherwise indicated, all international orders will be shipped USPS Priority or USPS Express.

When placing international orders, the client assumes all responsibility for any duty, taxes or customs fees where applicable. Actual shipping costs will be billed to the credit card on file.

Canada  - estimated 6-10 business days for delivery

Australia - estimated 5-10 business days for delivery

New Zealand - estimated 5-10 business days for delivery

For shipping to countries other than the aforementioned – please call for shipping details.


International shipping cost calculator:


We ship from 20854 USA.

5x7 dream box : 2lb

6x6 dream album: 3lb

9x9 dream album: 6-8lb

12x12 dream album: 9-11lb


Shipping Upgrades

Shipping upgrades (Overnight, Saturday, etc) are available, and can be selected in your order page. Your shipping cost for these methods will be the determined by postage rate (actual cost will be billed to your paypal account)


Turnaround Time

Our production is standard four (4) weeks for all Dream Album products with the exception of the WISH ALBUM that is ready for delivery in two (2) weeks.

Turnaround times may be up to six (6) weeks during the holiday season (September 1- December 31) and during sales promotions dependant upon demand.  We greatly respect your patronage and will make every attempt to deliver our product to you at the earliest date possible without compromising quality.


Expedited Production

Expedited Production Service
 is available to ensure your album will be ready to ship within 2 weeks of being submitted! Dream Album Co. will process your order as EXPEDITED for an additional fee (50% of the regular pricing + shipping). All orders qualify for Guaranteed Rush, but your order must be received in good condition to ensure 2 weeks turnaround time from time of order to production completion.

Drop Shipping and / or upgraded shipping are available upon request. You must select Expedited Production on the order form at time project is submitted. Expedited Production orders are not processed on weekends and holidays, and will not be available on sale orders. Expedited Production charge is on a per-order basis.

Product Damaged During Shipping

Dream Album Co. uses UPS ground shipping for most packages, and allows customers to select other shipment options. Packages always leave in perfect condition. Receiving a damaged item is rare. Should you receive a damaged print, please be sure to follow the steps listed below.

Keep all damaged materials (including albums, boxes, and packaging materials). 
Do not throw anything away.

Call (1.866.301.6639) or E-mail us (customerservice@thedreamalbum.com) soon as possible

Customer Service representatives will provide you with a Return Authorization Number

Upload the damaged order again, using the Return Authorization Number provided (place this number within the folder name).


Damaged packages are subject to the following policies

  • You must keep the damaged materials (including items, and packaging)
  • You must call a damaged shipment in within five days of package delivery.
  • You must resubmit the original order for reprint (same images / same paper types / same quantity / etc.)


Refund & Reprints

Production errors are a rare occurrence at Dream Album Co.. If an error should arise as a result of manufacturing, Dream Album Co. is committed to supplying each customer with a quality replacement product. Please follow these guidelines:

Please contact customer service immediately by email at customerservice@thedreamalbum.com  with Production Error in the subject line. Please detail any problems or discrepancies that are discovered. To expedite the process, please include your order number.

Errors or discrepancies must be reported within 72 hours of receipt of order.

Customers requesting a reprint of product must obtain a Return Authorization Number from the customer service department prior to resubmitting any files.

Upon receipt of the Return Authorization Number – files needing to be reprinted must be submitted to the lab within 72 hours.

Reprints will only be provided for the exact file originally submitted. Alteration of the file in any way will result in a full price charge to the customer

No credit card refunds will be provided.


Promotions & Sales

Dream Album Co. strives to offer the best quality and prices for our products. The following policies apply to all Sales, Promotions, and Discounts.

Sales may be announced without notice and at the discretion of Dream Album Co.. Please do not contact the lab to inquire about upcoming sales.

All Sales and Promotions are subject to the terms and conditions listed with the sale, as well as conditions listed on this policy page and in our User Agreement.

Sales and Promotions cannot be combined. Only one discount per order.

Sales and Promotions can only be used once per household Dream Album Co. reserves the right to cancel discounts or promotion 
at any time for any reason.