Where can I find pricing information?

once you sign up as a member, more information about pricing, how to prepare images and other helpful tips will be available.


I would like to sign up as a new member, what do I do?

Our vision for the Dream Album has always been and continues to be that it is a boutique product designed specifically for the discerning photographer and their client. We will strive to maintain our high standards of production and improve our customer care by welcoming only a select number of new photographers each year.

If you are a professional photogapher and running portrait or wedding photography business, you may fill out our application form (will be available soon). We will review your application and get back to you with login information within 2-3 days. 


Do you offer file preparation help?
Yes! Please refer to the “how to” section of our website where you will find templates, samples and instruction.

What are the file specifications?

For bordered image (one image/page) design Dream Album or Dream Mats:
Just upload image files in 5x7 ratio (preferably 300dpi and up) and a cover file and specify the border option when submitting the order.

For full bleed custom design Dream Album:
Design your spread to the dimensions of the book you are ordering. For example, a 12x12 album needs a file dimension of 24x12. We cut the edge off at .25” all around and there will be a crease in the center. Place important subject or design elements off from the guide/cut lines.

For Dream Box design:
Please refer to the instructions on how to design Dream Box guide lines at

All files should be JPEG in sRGB, high quality (10 in Photoshop)
12x12 albums are OK to send in 200dpi
Name each file in the order that you want them to appear in the album
like dream01.jpg, dream02.jpg, dream03.jpg.....dream30.jpg


Any ICC Color Profile support?

We accept files in any colorspace. You are not required to send files in sRGB, and can instead use a larger space, such as Adobe RGB (1998). This applies to all of our products on all product lines. 


Can I use the templates that were made for another album company?

Yes, as long as the final outcome fits our specification, you may use any template.

What do I need to do to the images before uploading?
Anything that you need to do before regular printing orders, such as color correction, adjusting curves and sharpening for print. Use sRGB when you edit. We do adjust color and brightness to fit your style and we hear compliments from photographers all the time about our print quality. You will love your Dream Album.

What file format do you accept? Can I use PDF formats?
We accept jpg files. No pdf please.

Do you provide design?
Not at this point, but we may add this service in the future. Please check out our templates at dream design product. We offer lots of beautiful borders as well as digital mats and album design templates.

Do you print first/last page?
NO we leave those two spreads blank for the maximum impact on full spread images. It is like a little pause before the real show starts. Our album starts on the LEFT side and all images should be displayed in spread.

How can I get pricing?
You must register to view our pricing and other useful information. To register, please go to http://thedreamalbum.squarespace.com/new-member-registration/. You must be a professional photographer to register.

What is your turnaround* time?
Your order will ship out to you within 4 weeks from order placement if the files are problem-free. If the files were received before 12:00pm ET, you can count that day as a working day. Weekend or holidays are not counted as working days. please refer to our holiday/schedule information at

If the received files do have a problem, we will e-mail you to correct and re-upload the files (the timeline will begin from the new upload date). Shipping takes 1-6 days by UPS ground within the US. For international deliveries, we use the lowest priced shipping method (usually USPS) which takes 10-14 business days. For faster delivery worldwide, please inquire about pricing when placing your order.

For more shipping incoformation is available at


Is there any tracking system that I can check the stages where my orders are in?
NO.  Actually each step of our prodution is managed by HAND. Once the prints are made, our amazing production team mount, bind, cut and press each of the album and box. But when they are ready to ship, you will get the shipping notification with tracking number.

It usually takes less than 4 weeks from the order is processed to shipping dates.



Can I expedite the orders? How fast can I get it?
No. Our number one priority is a top quality handcrafted product, which requires at least three weeks. However, you may expedite shipping to next day morning delivery. Please inquire when you place the order and specify your delivery deadline.

Do you check my files?
Yes! We do check your files thoroughly. We will let you know if there are any possible problems including layouts, crease line, cutting lines, resolution, extended canvas areas... you name it. If you are not sure about your design you can send us web-sized files before you place the order and we will help you create the perfect album. We usually e-mail you within 24 hours of receiving the order to notify you of any changes that need to be made. We are proud to provide you with the absolute BEST album in the industry.

Do I get e-mail confirmation?
Not always. If you do not receive e-mail confirmation from us, it means there are no problems with your order. If changes are required, we will send you confirmation once the new files have been approved.

How do I upload the files? Can I send a CD in?
You can use our easy uploader, FTP server, or mail in a CD.

Can I FTP my files to you?
Yes, once you become a registered member, you will be provided the information.

Can I register if I am not a professional photographer?
We only serve professional photographers or graphic artists who run businesses so that they may collect sales tax.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we currently ship to the following countries: England, Canada, Germany, Norway, France, Japan, and Australia. If you would like to use our service and are located in a country not mentioned here, please inquire before you register. We will let you know detailed shipping costs and time frames.

What are your working hours and holidays?
Our production facility runs weekdays from 9:00 am-5:00 pm (closed weekends and holidays). Our sales/support office works weekdays from 9:00 am-3:00 pm ET (closed weekends and holidays). We do take special time off for Christian holidays and Japanese holidays. These will be listed on our website and will be published in our newsletter.

Are there sample discounts?
Yes, it is 30 % off for unlimited samples during the calendar year. Each sample will be discreetly marked with “Studio Sample” in a manner that is complimentary to your album design. In addition to this, should you wish to purchase four or more samples at one time, you will receive a 40% discount off your entire sample order.  (Please note, the 6x6 album is no longer available in a sample format)


Are the samples marked?

Each sample will be discreetly marked with “Studio Sample” in a manner that is complimentary to your album design.

Is there a bulk order discount?
No. Every book or box is individually handcrafted. However, our wish album has a built in bulk order discount for 3 or more orders at a time.

What paper do you print on?
We use FUJI professional photographic paper. It is very durable, smooth, and best of all, it does not create pink or blue crease lines.

Which lab do you use?
We have our own lab, therefore we have complete control over color, paper and turnaround.

Do you provide test prints for color matching?
Yes, but it is not necessary because our printing quality is the best. If you DO want to see the quality and color of our printing, we offer test prints (three 5x7 on 8x10 paper for $25.00). Please send us (by email) three files in 5x7 ratio and paypal the payment of $25.00 to payments@thedreamalbum.com we will send you the test prints in three weeks. (registered member only)

How thick are the pages?
After extensive research we have found 2mm is the best thickness for our albums and mats.

Can I send my own prints?
No. We have tried this in the past, but it delays the process and some paper did not hold up as well as our prints. Also, it complicates the process if a reprint is required.

What is your cancel, return or exchange policy?
Because all Dream Album products are custom made, we are unable to accept returns. Cancelled orders may be considered as long as the item has not been sent to production (usually within 24 hours after order placement). In the unlikely event of a mistake or quality issue from our end, we will repair or replace the item as quickly and conveniently as possible. However, if there is a known issue error (ie: bubble, green cast), due to not following design instructions, we will not be responsible for any damages. All damaged products must be returned to The Dream Album Company for inspection. Any changes made to the original order during replacement may result in applicable charges and production delays.