The album arrived today & it is stunning. You did a beautiful job, as always. I will definitely get a studio sample for this one and place the order soon.
- Italy Wedding Photographers s.a.s. Rochelle Cheever


Oh my gosh!  My first dream album arrived yesterday, and I am in awe!  I have ordered a few 5x7 dream boxes/mats from you, and I have absolutely loved them.  I was so anxious to finally see a dream album.  I ordered this 9x9 30 page dream album as a wedding album for one of my clients from this summer.  When it arrived, and I opened the box, I could not believe how perfect it was.  I am so picky about quality, color, etc. and I couldn't have imagined it any better.  Thank you so much for such an amazing product.  It really is a DREAM album.  I am so excited to get this to my client, and I can't wait to order another!  
- Teryn Glenn


I just received my first album from you, and I am so pleased.  I was worried about the colors of your printing, but they are fabulous.  The quality and feel of the cover and pages are everything I had hoped for, and haven't found in another album company.  Thank you so much - I hope my clients buy lots of albums so I can work with you a lot.
- Ellen Yale 


I just received my dream album and while I'm sure you receive plenty of these emails a day - AHHHHHHHHHH! I'm in LOVE!!!!!!!!! It's more fantastic than I could even have imagined. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUCH AN AMAZING PRODUCT! Absolutely stunning!!!
- Abby Benedict


Thank you so much for the follow up email letting me know just when my album would arrive.  I was out of town but upon my return was thrilled to find the finished product waiting for me!  I must say my expectations were completely exceeded in every way and I'm beyond thrilled to begin offering these albums to my clients. As soon as my re-branding process is finished I cannot wait to order my official samples to let clients touch and see for themselves what an amazing product these albums are!  Exceptional service and quality is hard to find and I'm so pleased to have found both with Dream Album!
- Jessica James


I absolutely LOVE everything about it!! From the textured thick pages, to the beautifully wrapped cover, I was beyond impressed! Thank you for offering such a wonderful product, it's exactly what i've been looking for and my clients are raving about it!!
- Brooke Drellos


I was jumping up and down excited and happy with both albums. the build quality and design is clean & superb, the images look fantastic and absolutely pop off the pages, the craftsmanship is excellent, and it's a product I'm OVER THE MOON excited to offer to my clients! It was worth the 4-week wait. I have dropped my other album company and the Dream Album is the way to go. Thank you so much, I look forward to working with you...every client will want one!
- Aviva Bowman, Aviva Photography Okinawa, Japan


I received the two boxes yesterday. Awesome! I am totally happy with the quality of the boxes. You have done a really great job!
- Guido Leifhelm


When I first saw the Dream Box on the dream website, I was in love. When the dream box arrived on my door step after arriving home from vacation, I was so excited to share with not only my clients, but other photog friends  I knew this was a unique product that would just stand out  to my clients and help put me at high end level.  I want to offer my clients a product like no other photog in my area. This truly is that product that goes into the clients hand and they can't let go. 
-  Melissa Surprise


I am absolutely IN LOVE with dream albums and my clients are too. Once they see the dream album, they have to have one!  As a photographer, I love the versatility of the custom designed cover.  It truly makes each and every album a unique and treasured work of art for my clients.  The album itself is outstanding… high quality and very well made.   Thank you for making my dream album… literally!
- Cindy Chen


And, I just want to tell you that I can not stop looking at the box. I LOVE IT. It has made it's way into my heart and onto my new product offering line up.  I am going to order an album in every size. Thank you for making something so awesome. 
- Rebecca Devono


Kyung, I just received the last two books I ordered.... WOW! They are so gorgeous, you did a wonderful job on them- thank you so much!
- Mindy Harris


wow - there really aren't words, you just have to hold one. I have yet to take my album to a clients' house without selling one! They are just beautiful. The quality of the printing is insane. The board-book-like pages are a dream for a mom of toddlers. I let me 2 year old flip through it & she hasn't managed to do any damage {yet}! I use this as my strongest selling point . . . parents love that their pictures are relatively safe (unlike self-mount albums). They are simply a must have & because of this they are so easy to sell!   Beautiful work Kyung! Thank you!!
Allison Parker (June 13th, 2009)


Hi Kyung, Wow!! I just received my first 6 x 6 and 12 x 12 Dream Albums. I knew they were going to be something special...but the quality of the binding and printing really just floored me! My pictures have never looked so amazing in a book. The print quality and color correcting was spot on! Just a spectacular product. I now only offer Dream Albums to my clients and stopped offering my other albums. My clients are just awestruck and I've already sold two 12 x 12 albums! I love the full page spreads. Thank you!!! Cheers
- Laurel Housden


I love my new 5x7 Dreambox!  The quality is amazing - sturdy, beautiful, unique!  I am going to market these as "keepsake" boxes, because they can be used for baby's treasures, a family box to add photos to through the years...the possibilities are endless!
- Sarah Field


I am in LOVE with the two dream albums (9x9 and 12x12) I ordered recently! You guys rock!!!
- Crystal DelaHoz


Wow guys, I must say, your image boxes are an absolute dream (ha! pun). They are so easy to design and upload, and your turnaround is fantastic. I can't say enough good things about this product, the colors, the construction, the feel, all priceless. Thanks!
- Miranda Welch


I just received my first Dream Album and it is stunning. I am EXTREMELY picky about my books. I like nice crisp clean corners, covers and edges. High print quality, etc. This is something that seems to be hard for most companies to do consistently. I loved the look of your company, the look of your books, and crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. You exceeded my expectations...not to mention the quick turn around time!
- Marta Locklear


Hi, Just letting you know that I received my first albums and they are AMAZING. I am so excited to show my clients these samples and I have already had several orders without clients seeing a sample. 
- Emily Weaver Brown


I just received my first Dream Album product, and I am soooooo impressed!  I ordered 2 5x7 dream boxes, and they exceeded my expectations, by far.  Thank you! I am planning to switch over all of my products, and use your company exclusively.
- Christi Traster


My box came today and I have to say - I'm speechless.   The quality is BEYOND what I expected - this thing is so sturdy and beautiful, I am beside myself.   I cant wait to photograph it and show everyone I know.   You've got a customer for life.   THANK YOU!!!! SO MUCH!!    
- Danielle M. Luc


I just wanted to tell you that I am absolutely thrilled with my dream box!!!!!!! The construction is sturdy and durable and the colors are spot on!!! My huband was just blown away and let me tell you that is a real compliment comming from a guy that just really isn't into artsy stuff. I posted some pics on Props and a review of your box so I am sure you are going to be busy ;) My next project is a dream album.....
- Gena Long


This is such a beautiful album and I'm so happy that I decided to work with you and your amazing and well made product. I was so happy when the UPS man came to my door today and I saw the mailing label and I was even happier when I opened the box! I was truly blown away by the quality of this album and I can't wait to order some more! It's truly a piece of art that I can offer my clients. Thank you so much!
- Carrie Bombria


I could not wait for my dream book to arrive....and when it did, it was even more beautiful than I imagined!! Each and every creamy page is just exquisite and I cannot wait to share this beautiful bookwith my clients! Even the presentation box is a work of art and the perfect compliment to the album. Your customer service is just as wonderful as your albums, and you have certainly raised the bar for quality products in this industry. Thank you so much!!
- Christy Williams


I couldn't be more pleased with the dream album products. My boxes are gorgeous, my albums are breathtaking. And I couldn't ask for better customer service. Such a combination of quality products and a quality company is hard to find. I look forward to a long and happy working relationship!
- Amy Smith

 I have to tell you once again what an amazing product you produce! Honestly it is hands down the most luxurious and beautiful album. I'm so thrilled with them, I can't wait to get my 12x12 and 6x6 sample. I know clients are going to eat them up!!
- Jennifer Chaney


The wedding album youdid for came back GORGEOUS!The bride LOVEDLOVED LOVED it!
- Heather Munson


I recently received my 9x9 sample album, and it is GORGEOUS! I love it--thanks! 
- Cindy Yen


I just got my dream box and I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all your help. I can't wait to order my own!
- Tamara Lalanne


I received the album today and cannot even begin to describe how pleased I am! I almost have no words for how impressive these albums are. You have outdone yourself with these albums, REALLY!
- Eva Talley