Introducing.... Glee! Wait until you see our new album cover option!

It's a hot trend in furniture design! 

And, now it's part of the Dream Album Co. collection!

Meet our newest album — Glee! (available to order stating 7/15)

Image courtesy of Heidi Hope Photography

Glee features a contemporary, beveled edge acrylic cover over a photograph face mount style image. It's a standout, high-style topping to our animal friendly, smooth black or white leatherette album.  To go with the sleek look, inner pages are set on 1.5 mm thick core with smooth finish.

The stark edges of the acrylic cover make for a striking juxtaposition to the rounded corner finish of the album with its curved spine. 

Image courtesy of Heidi Hope Photography

We think of this design as the edgier cousin to our classic Dream Album. Like the Dream Album, it's customizable in terms of number of pages and size. Plus, it's  available in 10x10, 12x8 or 8x12.

The acrylic cover enhances the clarity of the cover image and is durable and can be easily wiped clean with a dust cloth. 

Image courtesy of Heidi Hope Photography

You can add your own branding to the album with our metal logo die debossing touch. This sophisticated debossing can also be added to the upgraded Luxury Presentation Box. 

Sales Tip: This cool looking product is an excellent choice for albums featuring high school seniors. Offer the leatherette album as a basic package and Glee as an upgrade. 

Can't wait to hear your thoughts! What do you think about Glee? 



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