Add your own unique branding touch to our products!  

Did you know that there is a way to turn the Dream Albums you put together for your clients into a unique branding tool — thanks to our customized Metal Logo Dies and debossing process?

Our handcrafted metal die enables you to add a signature, luxe debossing touch to each album by stamping a deep, sharp, edged impression of your company name and/or logo on our leatherette album covers and luxury presentation boxes. The result is sophisticated and clean. With debossing, also known as "blind printing," the image is pressed into the surface. Unlike embossing, it does not leave a raised imprint.  

Debossing creates an instant custom look to a simple, black leatherette album cover or a luxury presentaition box without adding additional colors. It's branding without screaming. 

Once our talented team creates your unique metal die, the heated metal die can then be positioned and applied anywhere on the cover or box  — front, back, top, botom, right or left — and pressed.  It starts at $45 to have your own unique metal die made. The price varies depending on the size of the stamp.

Once the die is made, you will only pay $10 per use. Each time we stamp your album with the metal die, it takes extreme precision to get the stamp in just the right place.  

We added this service to our offerings with the hope of providing you with a subtle yet strong branding tool that will set you apart from other photographers.  While Dream Album products sell themselves, you want to make sure that your potential clients and current ones see YOU in the beautiful product that they are experiencing.  

We would love to hear from you and welcome your feedback. Tell us what you think about this branding tool... 

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Love this! How do I go about getting one made? Thanks! Stacey

07.12.2013 | Registered CommenterStacey Pentland

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